How to Fix Brother Printer Error TS-02


The printer must work flawlessly all the time that is what we expect while choosing a printer. Therefore, Brother Printers are what all users prefer as they known to have the least number of errors. Also, the wireless printing feature offered by Brother makes it more fascinating.

Sometimes an error occurs while using Brother Printer which occurs when the WLAN access point/router cannot be authenticated with the MAC address of the Brother Printer. This error indicates that the WLAN cannot be detected by the system.  This usually occurs while connecting a printer to a system

The main causes of Printer Error Code TS-02:

  • It can occur due to a damaged windows system file.
  • The Corrupted system files registries.
  • Partial installation or installation of the printer.

The improper deletion of programs, hardware or applications from your computing device.

So, whenever you come across an error while using the Brother printer, calling the Brother Printer Support Number 1-800-218-9750 can help.


Method to fix the Brother printer Error code TS-02:


The below-given method is best to resolve the Brother Printer Error code TS-02. Give them a try:


Firstly, keep a check the WLAN access point/router is turned on.


If the WLAN is powered on, check that the Internet connection is enabled and properly configured on a built-in wireless LAN. Also, keep an eye out on the WLAN access point/router for the proper functioning.


If the issues still persist, move the printer to an obstruction-free area or keep it near to the WLAN access point/router for a network -connectivity.


Next, you need to “Run” the printer on the newly set location.


If the printer is filtering the Mac address, make sure you turn off the filtration to control the error and its counter effects.


If the Brother printer is utilizing the radio signals of 4GHz and your device uses the 5 GHz range, the probability of having error TS-02 increases.


Use the Setup Wizard from the Control panel of the Brother’s printer.


If required you can do it manually by providing the SSID and security information.


Once you are done entering the details, you need re-type the details to confirm the information.


After performing the above-given steps, restart your device.

If you fail to resolve the issue using the above-given steps, you can connect yourself with the team of certified experts and let them help you in fixing the issue you are encountering. The Brother Printer Customer Service Number 1-800-218-9750 can be reached all day and all night. Brother Printer Tech Support is the perfect place to fetch the ultimate solution to each and every problem associated with the Brother printers. There is a specialized team of experts is available to tackle each and every issue, using advanced tools and techniques.

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